Dark Yellow-Medium Brown Spotted Tortoiseshell Eating Set

Inventory number: 1a-d

Photos by Anatol Dreyer

© Collection Asian Eating Sets, Dieter Ammer / Photo: Anatol Dreyer
The photographs can be used free of charge for scholarly purposes as long as the collection and the photographer are cited. We will send you high-resolution files on request. Please send us a copy of the publication afterwards (scanned and/or as a PDF).

Origin: probably China

Dimensions and material:
Quiver (21.4 x 2 cm): Wood, Tortoiseshell, Silver, Brass, Ivory, Mother-of-Peal

Knife (Hilt and Blade: 12.2 cm, 17 cm): Wood, Tortoiseshell, Mother-of-Peal, Iron

Chopsticks (22.4 x 0.6-0.2  cm): Ivory

Toothpick (5.5 cm): Wood

Ribbon: Silk

Weight: 111g

Technique: Tortoiseshell Quiver, Inlay

Motifs: Vase, Lingchih, Tendrils

Short description:

The eating set consists of a quiver containing a knife, a pair of chopsticks and a toothpick.

The quiver is made of dark yellow and brown spotted tortoiseshell over a wooden base, a ferrule and a handle cap made of silver hold it at the top and bottom. A copper-colored silk tassel is attached to a brass ring. The wooden toothpick is framed by inlays in ivory above and mother-of-pearl below, which represent vases standing on narrow pedestals – the Chinese expression for vase (p’ing) is homonymous with the word for peace.

The handle of the knife is probably also made of tortoise shell over a wooden base, a lingchih mushroom (a symbol of long life) is inlaid in mother-of-pearl.

The toothpick and chopsticks are made of ivory. The head of the chopsticks are covered with a silver mount decorated with tendrils.

Object 8a-d: Leather Eating Set with Silver Cuffs and Inlaid Corals

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