Leather Eating Set with Silver Cuffs and Inlaid Corals

Inventory number: 8a-d

Photos by Anatol Dreyer

© Collection Asian Eating Sets, Dieter Ammer / Photo: Anatol Dreyer
The photographs can be used free of charge for scholarly purposes as long as the collection and the photographer are cited. We will send you high-resolution files on request. Please send us a copy of the publication afterwards (scanned and/or as a PDF).

Origin: probably Tibet

Dimensions and material:
Quiver (21 x 2.4 cm): Leather, Wood, Nickel Silver, Silver, Coral, Iron, Brass

Knife (Hilt and Blade: 12.5 cm, 9.5 cm): Horn, Iron, Brass, Coral

Chopsticks-imitation (14.5 x 1.4 cm): Iron, Brass, Coral

Ring (2 cm diameter): Iron, Brass, Coral

Weight: 242 g

Technique: Leather Quiver, Metal Mounts, Stone Setting

Motifs: Clouds, Coin Pattern, Meandering Band, Blossom, Petals, Jewel

Short description:

The eating set consists of a quiver containing a knife, an imitation chopstick and a ring.

The quiver is made of leather over a wooden base. The ferrule and handle cap made of nickel silver are engraved and chased with a cloud pattern, the handle cap is framed by a coin pattern at the top and a meandering band at the bottom. Between the ferrule, the grip cap and five silver cuffs, corals, which are fixed in the middle with an iron pin, are inserted and surrounded by silver engraved petals. A brass long fitting runs over the clamp at the rear. An eyelet holds an open iron ring on the ferrule.

The horned handle of the knife is also adorned on one side by three corals inlaid in an iron setting – possibly these symbolize the three jewels of Buddhist teaching [Buddha – the teaching – the community, ind .: buddha – dharma – sangha]?

The imitation chopsticks are made of brass, the handle, engraved in a geometric pattern, has a central notch that simulates a pair of chopsticks. At the base of the broken end piece there is a coral in an iron setting. It is possible that there was also a coral in the hole above.

The ring that holds the knife and the imitation chopsticks with two recesses is made of engraved iron and brass. Most likely, originally three corals were also inlaid here, two of which have survived.

Der das Messer und das Stäbchen-Imitat mit zwei Aussparungen fassende Ring ist aus graviertem Eisen und Messing gearbeitet. Auch hier sind ursprünglich wohl drei Korallen eingelegt gewesen, von denen zwei erhalten sind.

Object 1a-d: Dark Yellow-Medium Brown Spotted Tortoiseshell Eating Set
Object 9a-c: Dentine Eating Set with Black Engraving

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